Work of the Week: Bow Lake

Date: Jul 24, 2017

    The Work of the Week for July 24-30, 2017 is Bow Lake by Colin Smith.

    Colin Smith attended Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) and is a Calgary based photographer working in the medium of Camera Obscura also known as Pin Hole Photography. In this image he has utilized his Boler Trailer as the instrument to create a Camera Obscura image of an altered view of the iconic Bow Lake in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta.

    In the words of the artist:

    “The idea felt completely natural. To create Camera Obscuras in abandoned places and photograph the cohesion of an interior haunting past with the imminent exterior forces. This evokes a human story about a place, time and set of circumstances that could have led to their abandonment and a witness to its reclamation.”  -  Colin Smith, 2013

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