Date: Feb 4, 2018

"From a waterfall to a still pond, to mist, rain, floods, the ocean: from ice to snow and Tsunami, water exists in many forms. Water makes up 98% of all living things including us. Water makes up two thirds of the earth. It is not just what we experience externally it is a large part of who we are."

The Alberta Society of Artists called out to all Alberta Artists to response to the theme, WATER.  A selection of travelling exhibitions is featured at the Crowfoot Public Library in Calgary.


Feb 4 - March 29, 2018.
Crowfoot Public Library
8665 Nose Hill Dr NW, Calgary, AB T3G 5T3
9 am - 9 pm weekdays
9 am - 5 Saturdays
12 am - 5 Sundays
Admission cost: FREE
Phone: (403) 265-0012