'Vital Lines' Interactive Land-Based Installation

Date: Jun 25, 2019

Vital Lines is a land-based installation conceived by Calgary francophone artists Sabine Lecorre-Moore and Patricia Lortie, who together form the artistic duo known as Conversation. They have designed this interactive installation specifically for the Leighton Art Centre landscape, creating an artwork that offers a receptive site where visitors can rest their dreams, wishes and affirmations for their lives. The community is invited to contribute to the Vital Lines tapestry by weaving ribbons into the original structure. Not only will doing so pay homage to Barbara Leighton’s art practice, it will also allow the artwork to evolve in form and meaning over its five-month lifespan.

The project was blessed by Elder Kelly Good Eagle Sr., Siksika Elder for the Blackfoot Nation.

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Vital Lines remains on Leighton Art Centre's foothills property through September 29, 2019. Come and put your wish, dream or affirmation out into the world!