Upgrading Edmonton’s Citadel Theatre

Date: Feb 14, 2023

Image provided by the Citadel Theatre

Alberta’s government is investing in the Citadel Theatre so that Albertans of all ages will be able to continue to enjoy the performing arts in Edmonton.

Edmonton’s Citadel Theatre is a performing arts hub in downtown Edmonton and an important partner in Alberta’s vibrant arts and culture scene. It draws both local and international visitors and productions to Edmonton while also offering programs to teach and encourage the next generation of creative voices.

As part of the Budget 2023 Capital Plan, Alberta’s government would provide the Citadel Theatre with $4 million to help fund its renewal project. Supporting the theatre’s renewal project will ensure it remains in top condition to provide a high-quality performance space for Alberta’s talented performers and continues to be a destination for world-renowned productions for years to come.

“The Citadel Theatre is a hub for the performing arts in Alberta. Through development of cultural infrastructure like the Citadel, we are creating jobs, helping to diversify our economy and building vibrant communities for all Albertans to enjoy.”

Jason Luan, Minister of Culture 

“This funding is absolutely transformational for the Citadel Theatre! As one of the gems of downtown Edmonton, the funds will be put towards capital infrastructure costs. We are really delighted, as this building has long needed this level of support. Thank you to the Government of Alberta for recognizing the Citadel Theatre and for their support of arts and culture in Edmonton.”

Sarah Pocklington, executive director, Citadel Theatre

Edmonton’s Citadel Theatre provides nearly 170,000 square feet of community space, and the project will see upgrades throughout the building.

Quick facts

  •  The Citadel Theatre is one of the largest theatres in Canada and home to the Foote Theatre School.
  • The Citadel Theatre renewal project includes: 
    • replacing elevators, window glazing and skylights, flooring and mechanical systems
    • renovating washrooms and adding stairlifts to increase accessibility
    • renovating the flexible hospitality venue

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