Temporary targeted COVID-19 measures

Date: Nov 13, 2020

Effective November 13, the Alberta government is implementing new targeted measures to protect the health system and limit the spread of COVID-19. These measures include a two-week (November 13-27) ban on group performance activity, including singing, dancing and theatre.

This ban is mandatory and applies to Edmonton and surrounding areas, Calgary and surrounding areas, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Fort McMurray, and Red Deer. See the map of affected areas.

The ban does not apply to professional performance venues, as they already have additional public health measures in place to limit the risk of exposure.

The AFA has obtained information from Alberta Health regarding these new measures and what they mean to Alberta’s arts community, and listed them below for reference. Full information about Alberta’s COVID-19 response can be found at: www.alberta.ca/coronavirus-info-for-albertans.aspx.

What is considered a “group performance activity”?

Any organized activity consisting of two or more persons who come together, whether as part of a practice, rehearsal or performance, to sing, dance, play wind instruments and/or perform live theatre including but not limited to choirs, wind instrumental groups, dance troupes and theatre groups.

This does not apply to an individual student and teacher setting (e.g., singing lessons).

Does this ban apply to rehearsals and practices?

All performance activities, including performances, rehearsals, and practice sessions must stop during the two-week circuit-breaker.

Does this ban apply to professional musicians, singers, actors, or performers?

Professional artists performing in professional performance venues, such as concert halls and theatres, are exempt from this ban.

These individuals and locations are excluded as they have additional public health measures in place to protect staff, volunteers, performers and audiences from exposure.

Can community-based (i.e. volunteer) performing arts groups continue practicing over the next two-weeks for upcoming events?

All in-person group performance activities must stop between November 13-27.

As an alternative, virtual or one-on-one practices are allowed. You are also welcome to hold remote or virtual practices.

Are school-based performing arts groups required stop all activities for two-weeks?

The ban on group performance activities does not apply to schools, as these have additional measures in place to reduce the risk for staff and students.

However, any performance activities must be kept within individual schools. Staff or students from different schools cannot get together to conduct group performance activities.

Can non-school based performing arts instructors continue teaching?

Instruction may continue in a 1:1 setting or where members of the same household are in a lesson together.


Staff are available to help. Please email afacontact@gov.ab.ca if you have additional questions.