Survey Results | The New Experience Economy - Wave 5

Date: May 13, 2021

This research is being conducted in six waves over the course of the next year. This is a community resource that is FREE to access and results from the fourth wave of research are now available. 

Findings for Alberta organizations from Wave 5 results include:

  • Patterns around feelings of comfort are generally becoming more predictable in relation to cases and restrictions.
  • Feelings of frustration, exhaustion and impatience reflect a pent-up demand to get going.
  • There is greater clarity of what we like and what we are eager to get back to.
  • The desire for flexibility extends to financial support.
  • Organizations should think about how to respond to a renewed focus on family, health, and wellbeing for their benefit.

What are the implications for Alberta organizations?

  • Understanding the basic comfort levels of Albertans is more crucial than ever for organizations at this stage of the pandemic because if you overlook how your audience is feeling, you are not positioned to respond to them with appropriate messaging, programs, or even measures to make them feel safe.
  • The ongoing tension between case numbers/following the rules and a strong desire to get going is contributing to emotional conditions of the market. Understanding this tension provides some clues about what organizations can do next.
  • A clear outcome of the pandemic will be to provide people more flexibility in choosing what they do and how they do it. One way to do this is to
    start thinking about alternative models of program delivery over the long term.
  • Just as you consider how to adapt your offerings for program delivery to be more flexible, offer flexibility in support options.
  • As you appeal to the motivations of Albertans to re-engage, consider elevating the messages focused on care and wellbeing as these are rising in priority.

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About the project

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts is pleased to be a funding partner in this collaboration with Stone-Olafson and other community leaders to develop a long-term research investigation and evaluate how current conditions will reshape Albertans’ attitudes and behaviours towards social and group activities, across a variety of sectors. The purpose of this work is to give leaders of community sports, recreation, arts and culture, professional sports, active living, heritage, tourism or hospitality sectors relevant facts about local audiences that they will need to bring life back to our communities.

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