Date: Sep 3, 2021

Deadline: Sep 26, 2021 - 11:45 pm

SPR Emerge is a community engagement project that aims to increase pedestrian traffic and enhance the image along Stony Plain Road. The event has two parts: one is the installation of vinyl art onto the windows of businesses in the SPR area, and the other is the display of original, 2D artwork at a vacant storefront. Both the vinyl art and the 2D art were created by local emerging artists of Edmonton. At the vacant storefront, the pieces that are displayed all portray a certain relation to the SPR area and how it is emerging as a business and shopping center.

Vinyl artwork displays are in 6 different locations in the Stony Plain Road area. Below are the businesses that are involved with this project. The vacant storefront space where original artworks are being displayed is located in West Block. Both the participating businesses and the vacant storefront location are highlighted on our map.


  • International Center Early Learners & Development
  • Apache Seeds
  • Variant Edition Graphic Novels & Comics
  • Cafe Neo
  • The Gilded Rabbit
  • Select Cannabis
  • Cantiro

This event will run from Sept 15th - 26th 2021.

The end goal of this project is that there will be increased pedestrian traffic in the area. This increase in traffic will also hopefully become habit forming and help attract people year-round. We know that more pedestrian traffic correlates with growth in the number of people incentivized into going into shops and spending money. The involvement of the West Block area with this project also creates the opportunity for people to discover a new developing area of SPR. We hope this project creates a lasting interest by the customers to return after the project concludes.

For any questions about the event contact Kyle Tibayan, Special Events Coordinator at