For Sale: High-Quality Wenger Trouper® Platforms

Date: Jun 13, 2024

We are selling top-tier Wenger Trouper® Platforms, perfect for schools and theatres looking to upgrade their performance staging. Each unit includes 3 platforms, and we have 9 units for sale (27 platforms total).

  • 9 x Bottom Platforms (4 feet x 6 feet x 8 inches): $1,099.80 each
  • 9 x Middle Platforms (4 feet x 6 feet x 16/24 inches): $1,398.80 each
  • 9 x Top Platforms (4 feet x 6 feet x 24/32 inches): $1,422.20 each

Special Discount: Save $400 and buy a 3-platform unit (one of each elevation), for $3,500 if purchased before June 30.

Additional discounts for multiple unit purchases.

FREE delivery anywhere in Alberta! For delivery elsewhere, please contact Bryan Clarke at

Additional Items:

  • Move & Store Carts: 5 units, $1,069.90 each
  • Interlocking Leg Spacers: 72 pieces
  • Chair Stops: 27 pieces
  • Chair Rail Clips: 99 pieces

Why Buy These Platforms?

Self-locking Legs: Provide stable and secure support.
Move & Store Cart: Easily transport and store up to 6 platforms per cart.
Interlocking Leg Spacers: Securely connect platforms together.

Chair Stops: Outfit the back of each platform to provide safety and stability for seated performers and can be clipped together when platforms are connected.

For more details on the platforms, check out the product brochure and the Wenger Trouper Platforms website at

Contact Bryan Clarke at to purchase or for more information.