Reel Canada Film Day

Date: Jan 27, 2017

For 2017 Reel Canada is celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday by screening as many Canadian films as possible all over Canada on April 19.

Reel Canada is national organization that provides a catalogue of Canadian cinema for free public screenings on Canadian Film Day every April. Understand first and foremost that there is no cost to access these films – no fees or expense to your organization.

Our arts centre has held these public screenings of Canadian films for the past three years and have received positive reviews from residents and visitors alike. We have established venues in our local Legion Branch, the senior’s residences, museum and public library spaces.

Using everyday technology such as a television and a DVD player, you can set up a time and place where the public is invited to gather and watch Canadian culture on “the silver screen”.

Reel Canada provides your organization with a free package of prizes treats and give-a-way items such as t-shirts and sunglasses and popcorn for use during your screening events. All you need to do is select the films from the catalogue, place notices in your local paper or community newsletter or bulletin board and then show the films.  Reel Canada has a selection of 150 special films for this year…we can most certainly help you with your choice!

Reel Canada will feature your details on their national website.  This celebratory approach to showing films builds awareness of Canadian writers, actors and filmmakers!  There are special interactive programs for schools to connect with some filmmakers too.

With this post, we invite you to participate in this annual event. This year marks our 4th year of holding this event and we would like to offer you the benefit of our experience as well as help you get your first Canadian National Film Day event off and running.

The event itself requires a minimal amount of work on the day of your screening…and can be the beginnings of your own Canada 150 party!

So-  how can we can assist you in launching your very own Reel Canadian Film Day event in your community?

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Marianne Garrah and David Baker

Reel Canada Alberta Outreach Canada 150