Reckoning | Unraveling | Reclaiming; a journey to self

Date: Sep 12, 2021

Deadline: Oct 6, 2021 - 6:00 pm

Reckoning | Unraveling | Reclaiming; a journey to self, running from September 10-October 6, 2021, presents a new type of exhibit to experience - one that takes the viewer on a visual and sensory journey of the self through words.

Reckoning | Unraveling | Reclaiming; a journey to self features poetry and writings of three Alberta authors: Nisha Patel, Temi Phillips and Adetola Adedipe (aloT of Poetry).

These three authors face a sense of reckoning through experiencing racism, confronting challenges as Canadian immigrants, re-evaluating cultural expectations and carrying the heavy emotional burdens of abuse. A concept of unraveling arises while questioning belonging, denouncing stereotypes, reflecting on mental health and disentangling the bias of society. Reclaiming weaves through their stories of personal strength, beauty in connection, finding light in darkness and the need for change and equality.

These are real stories of experiences lived, struggles felt, connections lost, strength of spirit and hope for the future. It’s the stories of three authors whose courage and talent have created powerful portraits of self that embolden the readers to challenge their perceptions and grow in empathy and acceptance.

gallery@501 in Sherwood Park - visit for more info.