Processor: Digital and Analogue Retranslations

Date: Jul 5, 2019

Deadline: Oct 20, 2019 - 5:00 pm

Processor: Digital and Analogue Retranslations
Art Gallery of Alberta
July 20 - October 20, 2019
Presented by ATB Financial
Processor explores translations and negotiations between analogue and digital. Melding these two realms in various and novel ways, the artists in this exhibition use these translations and retranslations as metaphors for various things, from Indigenous sovereignty to living with mental health issues to reworking histories and addressing stereotypes to ethics and the current refugee crisis. The digital has quickly become our language of choice, which can simultaneously belie or clarify intention. These artists’ retranslations are not one-to-one and their original message can just as likely become clearer as it can become distorted.
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