Peter von Tiesenhausen: Songs for Pythagoras

Date: Jan 30, 2018

January 27 – May 6, 2018 at the Art Gallery of Alberta.

Experience a journey from dark to light, from sombreness to radiance in Peter von Tiesenhausen: Songs for Pythagoras.

For Peter von Tiesenhausen, the landscape of Alberta has been a primary source of inspiration, with sustainability being a constant thread that has woven its way through his work over the course of his long career. Addressing ideas of time, life, nature and re-generation, this new exhibition will engage audiences with important issues related to extraction, production and our impact on the environment. 

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Image credit:
Peter von Tiesenhausen, Reservoir (video still), 2017.Collaboration with sounds artists Jen Reimer and Magnus Tiesenhausen and cinematographer David McGregor. Commissioned by The City of Calgary as part of the Watershed + Dynamic Environment Lab public art initiative. Image courtesy of the Artist.

This exhibition includes an artwork from the AFA Collection. To promote the work of Alberta artists and build greater awareness of the AFA collection, we frequently loan artwork to bona fide cultural institutions for public exhibition. You can explore more artwork by Peter von Tiesenhausen through the AFA virtual museum.

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