My Valuable Artist-In-Residence Experience + Benefit with Aeris Osborne

Date: Apr 21, 2023

Deadline: Jun 3, 2023 - 1:30 pm

CARFAC Alberta presents: My Valuable Artist-In-Residence Experience + Benefit with Aeris Osborne

Sarturday, June 3
1:30 pm

Aeris Osborne is a Hong Kong-born, Alberta-based Edmonton self-taught visual artist. She is the 3rd Alberta Artist In Residence (AIR)/ Art Ambassador 1st immigrant artist appointed by the Government Of Alberta.

She has travelled 3000km for the Alberta Old Buildings painting project received 10 media interviews during the Alberta Artist In Residence. She loves to paint heritage buildings, houses, and landscapes.

In My valuable Artist-In-Residence experience + benefit, Aeris will be talking about:

  • Introduce his two Artist-In-Residence positive experiences
  • The difference between 2 artist-in-residences
  • How the artist-in-residence benefit my art practices project
  • How the artist-in-residence benefit the art network self-discovery
  • How artist-in-residence benefit from grant application

There will be time for your questions and a discussion of the benefits of residencies for visual artists in this 90 minute session with CARFAC Alberta's Chris W. Carson and Tara Vahab acting as hosts and moderators for this 90 minute session.

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