Love's Heavy Burden: A Theatre Experience at Teatro!

Date: Apr 10, 2023

Deadline: Jun 22, 2023 - 6:30 pm

Be transported to Elizabethan era with the world premiere of Love's Heavy Burden - a new play by Jim Lair Beard.

Guests attending the show should expect historical stage practices from that period which includes universal lighting, actors playin multiple roles, live music, and audience engagement. Minimal stage furnishing allows for vibrant imagery through the use of words.

Experience the play the way a Shakespearean audience would have.

Think universal lighting, actors playing multiple roles, live music, audience interaction and more! 

Ticket price includes 2 drink tickets, appetizers, performance and dessert reception following the show. Purchase your ticket before April 28th to receive an additional drink ticket. 

The World Premiere of Love’s Heavy Burden, a sequel to Romeo and Juliet.

A new play by Jim Lair Beard.

Verona is now a famous destination for tragic love tourism. It’s become a place where people come to fall in love or end their lives. To visit the devasted Lady Capulet unheeded, countess Rosaline, who was once the object of Romeo’s affection, decides to fake an 8-month pregnancy to thwart various new suitors. But her deception backfires, reigniting old feuds, and forcing her into humorous and serious situations regarding her own bodily autonomy.

Love’s Heavy Burden is a comically delightful and thought-provoking sequel to the world’s most famous love story.

*One does not have to know the story of Romeo and Juliet to enjoy this entertainment.

We are also doing an early bird special, receive an extra drink ticket with every purchase prior to April 28th!

Link below to purchase tickets.