Indigenous Dramaturgies Exchange 2023

Date: Nov 22, 2022

Deadline: Feb 15, 2023 - 11:45 pm

Indigenous Dramaturgies Exchange offers you professional development and space for artistic exchange on a current or upcoming dramaturgy project, with a focus on on-the-land engagement as a way of locating stories.

This program provides reciprocal mentorship and community building. You are encouraged to apply with a mentor or collaborator.

Indigenous dramaturgies; as artistic ceremony, as political resistances, and as community-building, are under studied and under supported. In this program we will discuss and explore your roles in deeper detail, with the support of faculty and with cultural facilitators for on-the-land engagement sessions.

What does the program offer?
One of the primary intentions behind the Indigenous Dramaturgies Exchange is the offer of reciprocal mentorship and community building. Each duo of participants will have access to a Lazlo Funtec studio or a music room. You will also be provided with limited access to wardrobe, props and set supplies based on availability.

You will have time and space to reflect on the ways we can approach and discuss Indigenous dramaturgical processes. We collectively acknowledge the significance in including a wide range of voices, experience, and perspectives, as well as making space to support emerging theatre and performance artists.

This program includes daily check-ins as a group to share in creative processes and showcase your work in order to look to yourselves, your cultural realities, relationships, and teachings as ways that navigate your artistic practice.  

Who should apply?
This program is geared towards Indigenous Dramaturgies and Indigenous Theatre Artists interested in or working on land-based arts practices, and/or innovative dramaturgical processes. 

This opportunity offers professional development for emerging Indigenous artists to focus on a current or upcoming project, and you are encouraged to apply with a creative partner. 

*Financial Aid of up to 100% of tuition fee, meal and accommodation fee is available for this program. All accepted participants will receive the financial aid package.

Program Dates: May 8 - 26, 2023
Application Deadline: February 15, 2023
Learn more and apply online: