Happy International Women's Day!

Date: Mar 6, 2020

Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate, we’re sharing with you BOSS by Laura Vickerson!

According to Vickerson’s artist statement:

“This piece was created, in part, for an experimental residency I was involved in with five other colleagues at Chateau Mathieu in Normandy. My initial interest was with the matrilineal legacy of the chateau itself, to explore ideas of the private and public as they apply to women during the Victorian era. Within wealthy families, women were, for the most part, relegated to the private sphere of the home where they spent their time embroidering… It was my intention to use embroidery as well as materials related to opulent domestic interiors of these “ladies of leisure” in a subversive way to speak about these women’s isolation, lack of agency and stifled creativity.

(Originally) BOSS was installed in both the chapel and grand salon at Chateau Mathieu using these specific sites to inform the work. Emblazoned upon the piece is large handwritten text embroidered in pink thread that reads: You’re not the boss of me; a contemporary female voice not willing to answer either to God or other patriarchal forces."

About the Artist: Laura Vickerson

Laura Vickerson completed a Bachelor of Fine Art in printmaking and painting at the University of Alberta in 1981, and a Masters in Fine Art in sculpture and installation from the University of Victoria in 1986. She has lived and maintained her studio practice in Calgary since 1989. Vickerson uses unique, often organic, materials and labour-intensive techniques to make art that expresses themes of beauty, pleasure, and pain.

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