Friends of University Hospitals' New Executive Director

Date: Jan 31, 2019

The Board of Directors of the Friends of University Hospitals is pleased to announce the appointment of Tyler Sherard (BFA University of Alberta) as Executive Director.

Mr. Sherard has worked with the Friends for five years and has extensive experience in art gallery management and programming. He has served, with distinction, as Interim Director of the Friends for the past year. As Executive Director, Tyler will be responsible for the consistent achievement of the Friends’ vision, including artistic direction of McMullen Gallery and the Artists on the Wards Program, and the Friends’ financial objectives.

Statement from Tyler Sherard:

“Through my experiences in the gallery and with our Artists on the Ward program, I have had the opportunity to see the impact that art has on our patient and family population at the site. That impact extends to the experiences our staff and volunteers craft through our retail operations in the gift shop, as well through other arts programming. I’m excited by the opportunity for our organization to strengthen our vision and evolve as we continue to deliver unique one-on-one interactions with patients, families, and staff throughout the site.”

The Friends is a social profit organization that aims to provide a comforting hospital experience through its programming, services and special resources to patients, their families, staff and visitors to the University of Alberta Hospitals.