Friends of University Hospitals appoints Interim Executive Director

Date: Jul 22, 2018

Tyler Sherard, BFA (University of Alberta), has been named Interim Executive Director for the Friends of University Hospitals as of July 15, 2018. He will continue to manage the McMullen Gallery and the Artists on the Wards program in addition to this new role. Tyler started with the Friends as Gallery and Collection Administrator in 2014, after leaving Latitude 53 where he spent 3 years as the Development Coordinator. 

Tyler looks forward to growing the capacity of The Friends of University Hospitals to bring compassion and innovation to the University Hospitals; to offer creative, comforting experiences to the hospital community through innovative Arts programming, and high-quality retail services. A call for the Executive Director position will be issued in the coming months.

Tyler can be reached by email at
780 407 2175
780 407 7152 (alternate)