Exhibition | "Xposed - Naked and Not Afraid"

Date: Jun 26, 2020

Deadline: Jul 25, 2020 - 5:00 pm

XPOSED - Naked and Not Afraid - Online Visual Art Exhibition
July 4-July 25, 2020                   

The Knox Contemporary Gallery of Art has brought together an eclectic array of contemporary art from artists around the world that celebrates and explores the human figure, sexuality and identity in it’s first online exhibition Xposed - Naked and Not Afraid

International Artists Exhibiting:

  • Alana Biffert & Marta Gorski, Canada
  • Doro Buch, Canada
  • Atalante, Canada
  • Jason Balducci, Canada
  • Anna Cyan, Canada
  • Ana Gadish-Linares, United States
  • Johannes Christopher Gerard, Netherlands
  • Terry Gregoraschuk, Canada
  • Marissa Grondin, Canada
  • David Grudniski, Canada
  • Dave Hanson, United States
  • Sam Heydt, United States
  • Shelagh Howard, Canada
  • Keegan Karlsen, Canada
  • Abdullah Khan, India
  • Kevin Kuenster, United States
  • Riki Lockwood, Canada
  • Paul Lorenz, United States
  • Natalie Oliphant, Canada                
  • Nora Pineda, United States
  • Richard Prehn, United States        
  • Sophie Sanders, United States
  • Marius Seidlitz, Germany
  • TAG, Canada
  • Blair Treuer, United States
  • Samantha Washington, Canada            

For details about the artwork exhibiting in this exhibition please visit our website to view the entire exhibition: www.knoxgalleryofart.com.

The Knox Contemporary Gallery of Art provides art consulting and commissioning services to both the private and corporate sectors.

For further information please contact:

Terry Gregoraschuk, Director
Ph: 403-861-9961
Email: knoxgalleryofart@gmail.com
Website: www.knoxgalleryofart.com