Exhibition | "TSIMA KOHTOTSITAPIIHPA Where are you from?" by Lauren Crazybull at Latitude 53

Date: Jan 17, 2020

Deadline: Apr 4, 2020 - 5:00 pm

TSIMA KOHTOTSITAPIIHPA Where are you from? by Lauren Crazybull at Latitude 53

January 24-April 4, 2020

TSIMA KOHTOTSITAPIIHPA Where are you from?, is a reflection on distance, repatriation and history. The project takes the form of a multi-work installation, plotting out and elevating key personal histories from Treaty 6, 7 and 8 territories, on the map of what we presently call Alberta. As the centrepiece of the exhibition, the painted map becomes a mural of stories, illustrating the diverse history of the land and the resilience of the Indigenous people who reside here. Language plays a major role and Crazybull traces the importance of memory and place through her deliberate use of primarily Blackfoot terminology. Moreover, Crazybull carefully intertwines aspects from her own experience into the larger narrative of Indigenous existence in Alberta, pondering the generational effects of social care systems and residential schools on Indigenous children. Alongside the painted map of Alberta, the exhibition will feature a 20 minute, 4 track audio piece comprised of audio recordings made by Crazybull during her travels. This audio work will also feature a score by musician Matthew Cardinal. Finally, the exhibition will showcase a book cataloging Crazybull’s time as Alberta’s first Artist-in-Residence.

This exhibition is the culmination of Crazybull's research and work as the 2019 Alberta Artist-in-Residence.

Opening Reception: Friday, January 24 at 7 p.m.

For more information: https://www.latitude53.org/current/2019/4/10/lauren-crazybull-tsima-kohtotsitapiihpa-where-are-you-from.

Photo credit: Conor McNally