Exhibition | Sara Norquay / Citizen of the World

Date: Sep 23, 2020

Citizen of the World is a contemporary printmaking exhibition by Sara Norquay of 6 x 6 inch linocut portraits portraying 300 individual members of our human collective (society) in an extended present tense. It is a portrait of humanity but the individual portraits reveal diversity within the collective.

As our identities are bound up with our ideas of difference and uniqueness, these prints challenge the viewer’s biases. Even though a photograph is often considered to be “more true” than a picture in another medium, all mediums contribute their own visual quality to the interpretation of a subject. Some viewers have said the portraits capture more than physical features and the subjects themselves had a say in how they were portrayed as they chose or approved of the photograph used to make the linocuts.

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Attendance is currently by appointment.

Drop-ins welcome, however due to current capacity limitations, admission for drop-in attendance cannot be guaranteed.