Exhibition | "My Name Is Not Tree" at the Leighton Art Centre Main Gallery

Date: Jan 25, 2021

Deadline: Mar 6, 2021 - 5:00 pm

Alberta artist Penny Corradine’s art continually evolves, influenced by the natural world. Nature has always been at the heart of her attempts to share through painting. She has pursued expressionist landscapes for years and now she is overcome with the idea of trees.

After reading The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben, Penny started seeing trees as individuals. She didn’t see them just as green specks on a landscape or even as different species (pine, spruce, birch), but she started seeing them as individuals or families with lives of their own. She began to feel a close-ness to them that she didn’t acknowledge before.

Penny finds this connection works best when she is alone in nature. She lives in a house in a forest and the woods are a constant and close part of her life. The mystery of the woods envelopes her and thus she is allowed into a sacred space. Penny wanted to reciprocate with reverence and believes that artists are called into the company of Spirit, and that the forest is her guide. Penny wanted these paintings to speak for trees. She wants the paintings big and assertive. She does not want the trees to be insignificant sticks in the ground or clumps of green shapes, or just add-ons to a pretty picture.

Important Note: If Alberta's COVID-19 restrictions are further extended, preventing Leighton Art Centre from opening to the public by January 30, 2021, this exhibition will launch in a virtual format. It will continue through March 6, 2021 and will be open for in person visits if/when provincial health restrictions allow.

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