Digital Business Academy for Artists

Date: Apr 22, 2021

What is Level UP?
Level UP is a FREE digital business academy for Canadian artists and creatives who wish to take their entrepreneurship skills to the next level. The program consists of 20+ courses presented online by industry experts, meant to provide practical knowledge and real skills for the real world.

Why Level UP?
The arts and culture sector is going through an unprecedented digital transformation, and arts entrepreneurs have to sharpen their business skills to succeed.

How Level UP works?

  • 1-See Courses here.
  • 2-Opt into the full Level UP program or one of our specialized Course Bundles.
  • 3-Enroll for FREE!
  • 4-Get down to business. Over 12 months, our 60-minute speed courses will be presented live, bi-weekly via Zoom with a schedule designed for artists and creatives.