The Creative Incubator Initiative

Date: May 3, 2021

A five-week residency program featuring 12 local artists, musicians, and dancers - The Creative Incubator Initiative is providing artists impacted by the pandemic with the opportunity to return to their creative practice in the beautiful cSPACE King Edward Studio Theatre.

The work and process are being captured by professional filmmakers, telling the story of their return and re-emergence out of COVID.

The artists are provided learning and development opportunities, marketing and branding coaching, and community building/knowledge sharing within the cohort and cSPACE artistic community. Painters, singer/songwriters, dancers, classical musicians, and spoken-word artists are all participating in the Creative Incubator Initiative.

The cohort, selected in March by an independent jury, consist of 

  • a dancer preparing to compete in the Special Olympics in Austria this summer
  • a one-woman clown and puppet show performed with junk and live-streamed in workshops
  • a Cosplay designer, working on the design of a Southeast Asian Princess/Warrior
  • an aerial Circus Theatre group

cSPACE is a social enterprise dedicated to supporting communities of artists, non-profits, and entrepreneurs working at the creative edge of change. As the diverse communities of artists, designers, musicians and makers can shape our city for the future, Our vision for Calgary is a city where creative enterprise thrives in vibrant communities.

For more information, please visit or contact Erin MacLean-Berko, Program Corrdinator at or at (403) 710-0688.