Creative Export Envelope funding opportunity

Date: Nov 7, 2017

As referenced in Canadian Heritage’s Creative Canada Policy Framework and aligned with the Government of Canada’s Creative Export Strategy, the Canada Arts Presentation Fund (CAPF) is offering supplemental support to existing CAPF recipients that contribute to a favourable environment for Canadian cultural export by promoting Canadian artists to international markets. 

This additional funding will allow the program to make strategic investments for international presenters to participate in Canadian festivals and performing arts events in order to expose them to Canada’s artists. The funding will also support the reciprocal participation of Canadian arts presenters at international events.

Strategic investments will be awarded to Canadian arts presenters and presenter support organizations that are best positioned to promote Canadian artists to international markets.

Who can apply

The Creative Export Envelope is available to organizations that already receive Canada Arts Presentation Fund funding in fiscal year 2017-2018.

Eligible projects

The following activities are eligible under the Creative Export Envelope:

  • Delegations of international presenters to participate at Canadian festivals, as well as contact events or presenter conferences with a ‘market’ or ‘showcase’ component as a core activity.
  • Delegations of Canadian arts presenters to attend international arts events which facilitate peer-to-peer contact, and which are essential for the promotion of Canadian artists in international markets.

Creative Export Envelope in the context of CAPF

Certain festivals have international reputations and have become destinations for delegations of international presenters. Presenter support organizations produce contact events and conferences which showcase Canadian artists. These festivals, contact events and conferences constitute a springboard for launching the international careers of Canadian performers. These events offer:

  • Opportunities for international partnerships;
  • Meeting places for creative minds;
  • Showcases of Canada’s best artists;
  • Incubators of innovative new work.

How to Apply

For  more information regarding this new additional funding supplement, please contact: 

Canadian Heritage
Canada Place
9700 Jasper Avenue, Suite 1132
Edmonton, AB T5J 4C3


Telephone: 780-495-3350 
1-866-811-0055 (toll-free)

TTY: 1-888-997-3123 (toll-free