Celebrate at the Innisfail Public Library Alberta Art & Culture Day

Date: Aug 23, 2017

Alberta Art & Culture Day at the Innisfail Public Library will be an all day drop in event on Saturday, September 30th. Visitors will be invited to join in the creation of a collaborative mural that will portray some of the local rural community, its varied landscapes, and the beautiful diversity and unity of Alberta’s people. As each person contributes toward this collective art outcome, the process will demonstrate the value of each person and culture that makes up our province.

Clay sculpture will be offered as another art form for all to participate (young children will require assistance). The creative process of using clay invites learning, social interaction, and the opportunity for imagined possibilities to become concrete realities.

Varied art centers throughout the library will invite an art exploration and discovery in the use of recyclable materials donated by community members. Projects include: newspaper hats and cardboard glasses; book marks using fabric scrapes, yarn, varied papers, wire, trim; refrigerator magnets from bottle lids; photo holders with wine cork and/or river rock foundations; miniature bicycles of wire and spare buttons; necklaces made of small hardware such as bolts and washer discs, ribbon, cord, threads; individual flag banners incorporating donated items such as papers, fabric, beads, buttons, costume jewelry, threads, string, yarn; origami paper butterflies will be added to a display as a collective art piece.

Each art process allows for unique outcomes, demonstrating the appreciation for varied perspectives. The community event invites the recognition and celebration of Alberta art and culture built on respectful interaction and mutual understanding.

Learn more on the Innisfail Public Library website.