Call for submissions: Community COVID Collage

Date: Nov 17, 2020

I want your art!

I'm starting a new project for the coming months - Community COVID Collage!

I invite you, any of you, no matter where you live in the world, to create a small artwork that expresses a moment of your COVID experience... All expressions are welcome, (words, images, etc), as are all emotions and complexities of the navigation through a global pandemic.

The maximum size is 4"x6", and when it's complete, please mail it to my address. I will collect these artworks, and when a sufficient number arrive, I will begin to make collages out of this world experience... In an effort to connect us, express us, to tell the story of us...

If you have been struggling with how to navigate this incredibly intense and often overwhelming experience, take this opportunity to share some of your story... If you have been wishing for a way to share the hope that lives inside of you, take this opportunity to let it shine forth... If both describe you, do 2 and send them both in... No limits outside of the size and the ability to mail it. 

I do not need your name; I do invite you to put a return address on the envelope just in case the post turns it around before it makes it to me; I would also like to track the locations in the world. I again, do not need your name.

Please note: by sending the artwork in, you are releasing the copyright and agreeing for it to be used as artwork in this project, to be altered in any way needed to fit into such collage works, and that it will be published for the world to see. All artwork will be kept anonymous.

Give your experience a voice.
Be part of this story. 

Mail to:
Haven Art Therapy Studio
P.O. BOX 435,
Hay Lakes, Alberta T0B 1W0