Call for Submissions - 2019 Canada Winter Games Temporary Art Installation

Date: Sep 4, 2018

The City of Red Deer is seeking submissions for a temporary art installation that creates an engaging and dynamic entryway to the 2019 Canada Winter Games festival site.

Artist’s concepts are sought that use sculptural, textile, inflatable, or mixed media to emphasize and designate the entryway and/or surrounding proximity through light, physical elements, sound, or movement.  The selected artwork will be displayed for a period of two weeks at the entryway of the 2019 Canada Winter Games festival site.

Red Deer is the Host City for the 2019 Canada Winter Games from February 15th until March 3rd, 2019. Featuring 19 sports and an arts and cultural festival, the 2019 Canada Winter Games will be one of the largest events in Alberta’s history and Red Deer’s first Canada Games. Red Deer and central Alberta will welcome up to 3,600 athletes, managers and coaches, and over 20,000 visitors for the event.

The City of Red Deer, in partnership with the 2019 Canada Winter Games Host Society, is organizing a cultural festival spanning the full two weeks of the 2019 Canada Winter Games to celebrate the diversity of arts and culture in Red Deer, Alberta and Canada.

The City of Red Deer acknowledges the ancestral and traditional Indigenous territories of Treaty 6 and Treaty 7 nations. This region is also recognized as a historical Métis gathering site.

The temporary art installation that will be featured at the entrance to the 2019 Winter Games Arts and Cultural Festival provides an opportunity for an artist or artistic team to exhibit their work to a diverse audience. As this is a focal point to those attending the festival, it should be dynamic and interactive, while attracting attention through the use of light and other evocative elements such as sound, visual aesthetics or movement. The use of pillars or an archway could be part of the design however creative interpretations for defining the area as an entryway are encouraged.

Entrance to the Gary W. Harris Celebration Plaza /the festival site. The width of the existing pathway is 72 inches.

Evaluations will be made based on the artistic concept, artist’s experience with similar projects, suitability for the site, and public safety. Shortlisted artists need to be available for interviews in person or via Skype the first week of October.

Submission Period Start: September 4, 2018
Submission Period End: October 2, 2018
Evaluation Period: October 3, to October 12, 2018
Awarded By: October 15, 2018
Installation Timeline: Installed by February 11, 2019
Exhibition Dates: February 15, 2019 to March 2, 2019
Take down & Removal: March 2-3, 2019

Applicants must include the following in their proposal:

  • Application Form
  • Short Biography
  • Digital Portfolio up to 5 examples of relevant past projects
  • Description of the proposed artwork as well as addressing:
  • How the design and materials of the artwork withstand outdoor winter elements including snow, strong winds, and extremely cold temperatures.
  • How the artwork will be engaging during the day and at night.
  • How the artwork and/or supporting structure will be physically sound and suitably secured for public safety.
  • Project Delivery and Installation Plan includes, but not limited to, fabrication timeline, onsite build timeline, contingency planning (production/build delays and weather, etc.), detail of resources and labor that the artist will have onsite and removal plan.
  • Project Budget - detailed & itemized, not exceeding $10,000
  • Mockup of Design (Images and specifications for the proposed piece)
  • Material List (materials must be suitable for outdoor winter weather and must be accounted for in the Project Budget)

Applications and all inquiries related to this project are being accepted via email:

Kelly Andres, Public Art Coordinator:

  • All attachments must be uploaded at the time of the application
  • All attachments must be numbered and identified, first + last name, title of the work.

The successful applicant will be awarded a contract of $10,000 which includes all artist expenses, fees and travel.

A contract will be signed by both parties prior to the dispersal of funds according to the following payment schedule:

  • 50% upon signing of contract
  • 30% upon confirmation that the project is 3/4 complete
  • 20% upon completion of take down and removal of installation

Further Requirements: A mandatory light/power/AV test will take place prior to the festival opening day. Date to be agreed upon by the artist and the Public Art Coordinator. The artist is responsible for the transportation, installation, maintenance and removal of their work. The artist is expected to maintain the aesthetic of the exhibit over the two weeks, as required.