Call for Delegates: The Future of Urban Work Summit

Date: Jul 11, 2019

Deadline: Jul 31, 2019 - 11:45 pm

The Inaugural Urban Work Summit

The idea of work is under intense pressure to evolve. Technological, environmental and social change has thought leaders and think-tanks around the world putting in overtime. They are probably asking many of the right questions. What is in store? How will societies and organizations need to act and react to work? But with all that focus, two critical forces in our quest to understand the future of work are underrepresented: youth and urbanization.

Youth (15-29 year-olds) always have the most relevant and up to date perspective on change. They have embedded dynamism and curiosity. Yet, they are rarely at the centre of exploration into where work will go. In Canada, 87% of youth now live in cities. As the planet urbanizes, so too does work. Canada has a unique opportunity to embrace the nexus of youth, work and cities to help drive its economy forward.

The YouthfulCities Future of Urban Work Summit brings 60 young urban work leaders together to create a new narrative and useful strategies to help cities thrive at work

Summit Overview
60 Next Gen leaders - 40 young leaders and innovators drawn from 20 Canadian cities will join 20 insightful youth in our host city Edmonton for a three-day summit on the future of urban work in October 2019. Based on knowledge developed by YouthfulCities and Summit delegates the summit will create:

  • an assessment of the current thinking on the future of work form a young leader perspective
  • a series of Year 2030 urban work scenarios
  • deeper insights into how employment, entrepreneurship, education and work- integrated learning can develop better work in cities
  • concrete recommendations for Edmonton specifically and Canadian cities broadly about urban work and youth’s part in building stronger urban economies 

In the process, the Summit will create an Urban Work Futures network. Its main role will be to enhance the impact of the summit with a local activation model across Canada.

The Delegates
“Diversity build better ideas” is our long held motto at YouthfulCities. The delegates will all be leaders and innovated gathered from all aspects of what makes a great city. We will find people that represent all YouthfulCities 21 urban focus areas. We also want youthful people who are connected, curious, dynamic, open, inventive and playful. Finally we want to find a great representation of the kinds of skill clusters that cities have now. Based on RBC Humans Wanted Research, these include: Solvers, Providers, Facilitators, Technicians, Crafters, Doers. The delegates make the summit and this summit will be like no other!

The Work
We will be refining the program with the help of the delegates as we close in on the Summit, but here is an overview to get us started

  • Day 1 - Analytics and Insights - The current and future of work
    • Here we will be reviewing what knowledge is out there to explore what delegates believe are certainties and uncertainties around the future of work in an urban context. Prior to the Summit, Delegates will be doing some prep work in areas of interest to them and their city. We will start the day with a few "provocateurs" who are not delegates. The majority of the day will be work in small groups leading a full delegate briefing.
  • Day 2 - Future Scenarios on the future of Urban Work - 2030
    • This is a more creative day where we will be mapping out several possible scenarios for the future of work based on Day 1 discussions. We are looking at bringing in digital artists that can bring scenarios to life quickly.
  • Day 3 - Urban Work Readiness Recommendations
    • With Analytics and Scenarios in place, delegates will turn to concrete ideas and recommendations to help cities prepare for and excel at the future of work. Delegates will look at making cities attractive for workers and employers specific to the urban context. The day will conclude with a a Release Dinner to celebrate the outcomes of the Summit with special guests.

The Play

We want all the delegates to enjoy the best Edmonton has to offer. Everyone from out of town will stay at the unique boutique Crash Hotel. We will be heading to Whyte Ave. one night for sure. And having some fun in different parts of the city. Work hard play hard as they say.

The Commitment

YouthfulCities will cover all delegate costs and include a small stipend for the time commitment involved. Delegates commit to attend the full summit - October 16-20, 2019. There will be approximately 10 hours of preparation work to be completed prior to arrival.

We are asking all interested delegates to submit a short application. We will be conducting interviews over the next two months with potential delegates.

You can reach the application form here.

See you in Edmonton!