Arts Impact Alberta 2014

Date: Mar 1, 2014

    Arts Impact Alberta 2014: Ripple Effects from the Arts Sector, provides an update to the original Arts Impact Alberta report creating a comprehensive seven-year snapshot of the impacts and activities of the organizations that receive operational funding from the AFA.

    Arts Impact 2014 demonstrates the positive and powerful contributions arts organizations make to Albertans’ quality of life. These contributions are reflected in a variety of important ways: simply put, the arts matter to Albertans; the arts matter to volunteers; and, the arts matter to the economy.

    The AFA believes the arts sector plays an integral role in Alberta’s cultural fabric; Arts Impact 2014 continues to tell the story of the passionate, committed and productive nature of the arts sector.

    Download the Arts Impact Alberta 2014: Ripples from the Arts Sector report; share the report with the people in your community and in doing so, tell the story of how important the arts sector is to Alberta's cultural and economic fabric!