Announcing the Arts Sector Donation Program

Date: Jun 10, 2022

The AFA is pleased to announce it has launched the new Arts Sector Donation Program

This program fosters and contributes to the growth and development of the arts in Alberta by accepting cash donations from donors to support AFA programs and services.

Want to support AFA programs?

Your donation supports AFA programs and services that benefit art organizations and offer opportunities for individual artists across various arts disciplines in Alberta.

Your donation could support:

  • art acquisition for the AFA Art Collection
  • artists in schools
  • individual artist project grants
  • professional touring artists
  • project support for art organizations

100% of your generous donation goes directly to support AFA programs without any administrative fees. Donations will not be directed towards AFA operations or other special initiatives.

  • qualifying cash donations of $50 or more are eligible to receive an official donation receipt

How to donate

*The donation form will need to be completed digitally, printed and signed. Please note that the form can also be saved and printed at a later time.

Please note:

The AFA cannot direct donated funding to support a specific individual artists or a designated arts organizations in Alberta.

Many arts organizations accept donations and other support - and can issue tax receipts. If you wish to support a specific art organization in your community, please contact them directly.

Unsure if an arts organization in your community is a registered charity? Visit to find out. 

You can directly support the AFA in its mandate to support and contribute to the development of the arts in Alberta. Visit our program page to learn more. 

Donate today