Alberta Craft Council hiring executive director

Date: Feb 6, 2017

Based in Edmonton Alberta, with some time spent in Calgary, and smaller centres

Competition deadline: March 15, 2017

Start date: May 1, 2017

Send applications to:
ED Search, Alberta Craft Council, 10185 106 Street, Edmonton, Alberta Canada, T5J 1H4 or

The Alberta Craft Council (ACC) is a Provincial Arts Service Organization and the largest Provincial Craft Council in western Canada. ACC operates Edmonton’s second largest public gallery, and Alberta’s only public galleries (and touring exhibitions) dedicated to fine craft. ACC is about to open a Calgary gallery location.

The Alberta Craft Council was founded in 1979 and now operates with a budget of $800,000+, a board of 12, a staff of 8, and a membership of about 400 (approximately 70% of whom are professional craft artists). ACC activities attract an annual total audience exceeding 30,000. In 2017, Alberta Craft Council will produce 21 exhibitions in 5 locations, market the work of about 150 members, provide advisory committee and other member services, coordinate extensive communications activity, and promote professional contemporary craft arts widely.

The Alberta Craft Council’s mission… to promote, develop and advocate for fine craft in Alberta.

The Council’s vision… to be the organization of first choice for professional craft artists, serious amateur craftspeople and craft aficionados.

The Council’s organizational aims…

  • to support contemporary and heritage crafts as significant art forms that contribute to Alberta’s culture,
  • to develop an Alberta craft sector of creative, skilled, viable, and sustainable craftspeople, studios, businesses and networks,
  • to facilitate career development in craft disciplines,
  • to organize and foster exhibitions, publications, marketing ventures, awareness projects and information services benefiting ACC members and the general public, and
  • to be fiscally responsible and practice good governance.

The Alberta Craft Council’s new Executive Director will direct, encourage, and develop ACC’s core activities including:

  • Alberta Craft Gallery – Edmonton
  • Alberta Craft Gallery – Calgary
  • Exhibitions
  • Retail sales and marketing
  • Member services
  • Volunteer program
  • Advisory committee and selection processes
  • Magazine, website and other communications
  • Public, partner, media, funder, government and other stakeholder relations
  • Board, staff, finances, funding, reporting and other aspects of operations
  • Fundraising

The new Executive Director will:

  • support and develop the ACC’s mission, vision and core values; strategic plan, governance plan, and other directions;
  • work collaboratively with board members, staff, funders, partners and stakeholders to maintain or increase all ACC activities;
  • ensure an informed, capable and skilled staff and board;
  • communicate with the board, staff, members and stakeholders on all aspects of ACC planning, performance and governance;
  • motivate the ACC, membership and relevant communities to advance the status of fine craft;
  • provide leadership and direction for all communications internally and externally;
  • work with staff, board, members, partners and others to elevate the ACC’s profile; 
  • to clarify and direct public perception regarding ACC’s purpose; 
  • to lead the conversation about fine craft culture, and ensure this message is consistent with ACC values, provincially, nationally and internationally;
  • advocate for the recognition of fine craft disciplines; respect the traditions of fine craft;
  • encourage and respond to new definitions of fine craft;
  • direct, provide and/or find expert advice; encourage and advise on the creation of well-crafted, original, innovative and distinctive work;
  • provide direction for exhibitions, retail content, artists’ proposals, selection processes, media, communications and other topics;
  • connect staff, board and ACC activities to the ACC’s mandate; provide guidance and alternative perspectives; ensure the ACC is embracing new trends, ideas, technologies and leading-edge thought in craft media, advocate for and promote about fine craft awards;
  • build and maintain ACC’s partnerships that further the ACC’s mandate and the craft sector; and
  • complete funding applications and reporting requirements; collaborate with Financial Officer and Board Secretary/Treasurer on budgets, projections, ongoing day-to-day or long-term financial management.

The ACC’s new Executive Director should have:

  • relevant post-secondary education
  • extensive experience in arts/cultural management
  • broad craft arts knowledge
  • studio practice and/or other professional experience in contemporary fine craft
  • exceptional social skills

ACC occupies a 7000 square foot facility in Edmonton and is working towards a permanent gallery there. ACC is also opening a Calgary gallery in 2017. For both projects, facility planning and design experience would be an asset.