Adult Recreational Choirs of Calgary - Announcing our New Artistic Director!

Date: May 13, 2022

Deadline: Jun 30, 2022 - 11:45 pm

 ARC is pleased to announce that we have officially hired Torri Airhart as Artistic Director!

You may know Torri as the Principal Director of our choirs Up2Something and She’s Up2Something. Now, he is taking a new direction into shaping how ARC looks, feels, and exists for those already within the organization and those who join ARC’s future. Torri is excited to continue with ARC in a new role and continue work with an amazing group of singers and staff, as he splits his time between conducting and being our new AD.
“My ideal for ARC is where people can feel comfortable, happy, accepted, stimulated and refreshed, regardless of their job, religion or financial status. These 'extra-musical' elements are just as, or arguably, more important than the singing that occurs in the space. I want to continue to hold our performing bar high, but also push us in some new directions. I want ARC to be a place where everyone is learning, and where musical literacy is celebrated. Rather than restricting ourselves to the stereotypical adult show choir, we can embrace a wide variety of music - recognizing that in doing so we are becoming better singers and musicians, and that we are pushing ourselves and the organization down the road in our ever evolving learning journey.”

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We are a recreational choir and the only prerequisite is that you can match pitch. Our members range from 18-85+years and come to us with a wide spectrum of musical training and ability, many having never sung in a choir before! ARC is a great place to stretch yourself and learn the joys of choral music and community!
Our Vision: Bringing the Calgary community to its feet by awakening, nurturing and sharing the magic of voices in harmony.
Our Mission: To provide creative and challenging opportunities for adults to enrich their lives and our community through musical expression and Performing Arts.