Culture Days Support for Indigenous and Culturally Diverse Communities

Thank you for your interest, this competition is now closed. This one-time funding opportunity will provide up to $2,500 to support community celebrations during Alberta Culture Days 2018 (September 28-30).

Application Deadline
August 20/18

Who can apply

This one-time funding is intended to support celebrations led by:

  • Indigenous communities or organizations; and
  • culturally diverse communities* or organizations.

*Culturally diverse communities are defined as racialized groups that correspond to “visible minorities” under the Employment Equity Act. These are individuals of African, Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern or mixed heritage that includes at least one of these groups.

Individual applicants, ensembles, collectives, collaborations, and organizations, or any combination thereof, are eligible to apply. Previous recipients of AFA funding must be in good standing with the AFA to be eligible for this funding. Applicants that currently have an open AFA grant are also eligible to apply.

Ineligible applicants

Municipalities or commercial enterprises are ineligible to apply for this program.

What does this grant support

Alberta Culture Days is an annual three-day celebration that takes place during the last weekend of September. Alberta Culture Days is part of the national Culture Days movement that invites communities to celebrate their culture, showcase local artists, and provide access to cultural activities.

This one-time funding opportunity will fund cultural celebrations taking place on one or more days during Alberta Culture Days 2018: September 28-30.

Events taking place as part of Alberta Culture Days 2018 must be free, all-ages, and open to the public.

Eligible expenses

Eligible expenses can include:

  • event/workshop materials (such as paint brushes, paper, costume rentals, etc.)
  • marketing and communications (such as newspaper advertisements, graphic design fees, etc.)
  • volunteer expenses (such as name tags or t-shirts for identification purposes, refreshments, etc.)
  • food and beverage related to cultural activities
    • note: alcoholic beverages and bar service are not eligible for support     
  • artists’ fees, honorariums, , and contract agreements with artists or cultural workers
  • venue rental
  • equipment rental (such as lighting, sound, etc.)

How to apply

Thank you for your interest. The deadline to apply for this funding opportunity was August 20, 2018. 

What to include in your application

Use the application form to provide:

  • contact information for the project primary contact
  • applicant profile and experience
  • project description
  • project budget

Your project description should include the following information:

  • the planned activities (description of programing)
  • when and where the activities will take place

Your project budget should include all expenses. If the project total is higher than $2,500, your budget should include any additional revenue sources that will allow you to complete your project successfully.

How will my application be assessed

Project applications will be adjudicated by a staff panel knowledgeable about working with Indigenous and Culturally Diverse communities.

Assessment of a project is based on the following general criteria:

  • the strength and completeness of the project description and budget
  • the ability of the applicant(s) to carry out the proposed project

In addition, the panel will prioritize the following criteria:

  • geographical distribution of projects
  • diversity of programming
  • communities not previously funded by Alberta Culture Days
  • communities currently in partnership with the Alberta’s Future Leaders program

Funding is not assured for any project.

When will I hear

Successful applicants will be notified by August 31, 2018.


Funding is intended for the purposes described in your application. By accepting funding, you agree to undertake the project as proposed in your original project description.

If you do not receive the full grant amount requested, you are still required to complete the project as proposed if you accept the grant:

  • you must return the grant funds if the project cannot be completed as proposed

If you require a change to your project including outcomes, location or an extension to your final report due date:

  • you must submit a request in writing for approval by the AFA
  • the request must be submitted prior to the change being made and/or before your final report is due
  • the AFA may consider a single extension per funding opportunity

Funding recipients are responsible for informing the AFA of how funds were spent and outcomes of the project.

  • you must return funds if reporting requirements are not met
  • you must return unused portions of funding to the AFA

Being in receipt of this grant does not preclude applicants from applying to other AFA project grant streams while this project is being undertaken. However, applicants may not apply to more than one AFA grant stream to fund the same activity.

The AFA will retain all materials submitted with grant applications.

The AFA does not provide advances for any grant. Applicants may incur costs prior to payment being processed.

Funding acknowledgement

Whenever possible, please acknowledge the AFA for financial support in any publicity prepared in relation to the project, including electronic, print, or visual material.

When promoting your event, please communicate that it is an Alberta Culture Days event.


Successful recipients will be required to submit a final report that demonstrates funding awarded was spent on the activities described in the application.

The final report is due on the date noted in the successful notification document, as determined by the project completion date.

The final report must include:

  • a completed project outcomes report that outlines how the event met its goals and objectives (template to be provided by the AFA)
  • photos/videos or other documentation made of the event
  • attendance for event(s) held
  • final budget

Helpful resources

Customizable Culture Days posters with AFA logo to promote your event:

Other useful resources: 

Please email if you would like additional support in completing your application, or for any other questions.

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