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With the possibility of an impending postal strike, the AFA will be accepting Audio/Video support materials for the September 1 deadline for Individual Project Grants directly through email. Please send your Audio/Video samples to the appropriate grant stream email address listed below. Please include your full name, project name and GATE project number in your email.

Please note that these email addresses are specifically for the submission of Audio/Visual support material. Full applications, including all other support material (i.e. project descriptions, still images, c.v.’s etc.) must still be submitted through the GATE online granting system.

Emails to these addresses will not receive a direct response or reply. For questions or concerns about your overall grant application, please contact the appropriate Arts Development Consultant listed under your discipline’s guidelines.

Here you will find a number of resources that will help you with your grant application and project process. Whether you’re looking for a specific application, guidelines, or various budget examples to help with your project follow these three simple steps:

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Select Grant Program

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Select Grant Stream

Step 3

Select Grant Resource

All Grant Program Deadlines:

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July 15 

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