All eligible Alberta artists and arts organizations are encouraged to apply for an AFA grant. We are proud of Alberta’s artists, and we are especially proud to provide behind-the-scenes support to the arts. We acknowledge the power of creative activity to inspire minds, encourage expression, improve quality of life and contribute to the province’s economic prosperity. Unleash your creative potential with an AFA grant and see where the arts take you. Choose an individual project grant, or an organization operational or project grant. Organization grants are divided into project grants and operational grants. Click here for full list of grant programs and deadlines.

NEW: The AFA 25th Anniversary Commemorative Art Projects are a one-time funding opportunity to create a legacy artwork, performance, or composition that reflects the evolution of Alberta's arts community over the past 25 years. Click here for more information.

Individual Grants

Are you an artist looking for a grant to support a project? A training program? Check out the Individual Project Grant Program! 

The purpose of the AFA’s Individual Artists Project Grant program is to support the development of individual Alberta artists, arts administrators or an ensemble of Alberta artists by providing a grant for a specific arts-related project.

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Organizational Operational Grant

Alberta’s arts organizations and festivals can apply for operating funding to support their annual operating expenses. Through this funding, the AFA supports the delivery of and access to arts programming to Albertans….

The Arts Organization Operational Grant program supports the annual operating expenses of some of Alberta’s arts and cultural organizations and companies, including theatre and performing arts organizations, public art galleries and community arts organizations. 

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Organizational Project Grant

The AFA supports arts organizations, community groups and schools in their pursuit of arts projects through the Organization Project Grant! See which grant streams might be able to help support your arts project!

The purpose of the Arts Organization Project Grant program is to support registered Alberta arts organizations, companies and/or schools by providing a grant for a specific arts-related project or event. 

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Aboriginal Arts

The AFA has a commitment to supporting the growth and development of Aboriginal arts in Alberta. Whether it’s through grants or arts camps, the AFA recgonizes the importance of the Aboriginal arts.

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Awards & Scholarships

Find out more about the various Awards and Scholarships.

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FAQs or Grant Guideline

Are you ready to apply for a grant? Make sure you closely read the Grant Guidelines and check out our FAQs before you download the application! 

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