Research and Publications

The AFA is involved in the creation of original research and publications and the sharing of externally produced work that we believe holds value for people interested in both Alberta's art sector, and sectors belonging to other national and international jurisudictions.

Adaptive Change in the Arts; New Practices for a New Era
On April 23, 2014, the Edmonton Arts Council hosted a free presentation at the Art Gallery of Alberta by Richard Evans, President of EmcArts. Evans spoke about embracing adaptive change through innovative strategies to create public value, including recognizing adaptive challenges versus technical ones, how to shift underlying assumptions, and addressing new organizational capacities that emphasize innovation and adaptive change.

AFA Expert Panel Lists 
In its continuing efforts to ensure transparency, the AFA shares the names of all AFA Expert Panel members used to assess all Individual and Organizational Project Grants the previous year. This information was formerly shared in the annual AFA Report to the Community; which was last produced in 2010-11. 

Annual Reports
At the end of each fiscal year the AFA provides reports detailing the AFA’s yearly operations.

Arts Impact Rural Alberta
Arts Impact Rural Alberta focuses on AFA support of the arts in Alberta’s communities of 25,000 people or fewer, including information on individual artists, school residencies, the AFA art collection, and arts organizations. The publication also explores the number of arts events and attendance, sector volunteerism and employment, and provides an economic profile of rural arts organizations in rural Alberta.

Arts Impact 2014 : Ripple Effects from the Arts Sector 
Arts Impact 2014: Ripple Effects from the Arts Sector updates the positive and powerful contributions arts organizations make to Albertans’ quality of life. These contributions are reflected in a variety of important ways: simply put, the arts matter to Albertans; the arts matter to volunteers; and, the arts matter to the economy. 

AFA Report to the Community
The AFA’s Report to the Community provides details on grants awarded during the most recently completed fiscal year. This report presents financial details on grants awarded to arts organizations, individual artists and community groups within the cultural industries. Find out how the AFA is helping to shape Alberta’s art and cultural scene with information on specific grant recipients and provincial constituencies.

Building Corporate Relationships - A Toolkit for Nonprofits
Developed by Alberta Culture with the input of nonprofit voluntary sector stakeholders, community investment managers and fund development professionals, the toolkit outlines a five-step process that can help small and medium sized nonprofits build effective relationships with the corporate sector and other community partners. The toolkit offers tips and links to additional resources.

Mapping the Arts & Health_
Mapping the Arts & Health is an inventory of arts and health initiatives and resources in Alberta. This inventory is intended to provide information to enable effective networking among organizations, institutions and practitioners working in arts and health. It is also a resource that demonstrates the varied ways the arts are being used in health and wellness. The activities outlined in this inventory form the basis to tell the story of how the arts have a critical role to play in health.

Thinking About the Arts Recommended Resources_
Thinking About the Arts: Recommended Resources is a listing of starting points for dialogue, strategic thinking, and capacity building around the arts in organizations and communities in Alberta. Most of the resources listed have been published within the last five years by arts communities in Alberta, Canada and other English speaking regions.