Alberta's Future Leaders

Here's just a sample of the art that comes from AFL. This video features a senior artist working with a group of youth through the AFL program to express themselves through a joined piece of art -- a song. 

"This video is a music documentary about the process of creating. Drezus who is a well know Indigenous Hip Hop Artist came and delivered a 2 day workshop to group of youth adults. The first day was a lot of talk about different issues surrounding indigenous people and communities. This group of young adults have created an inspiring piece that has very impactful words and a deeper meaning and understanding of situations that are a reality for a lot of indigenous people and communities. The second day was a live session. What you see was created in one take. The MC artist worked hard to write music that came from their heart and the way that they see life play out. Take a listen of an amazing group of indigenous artist that have a lot to say."

Alberta Sport Connection, in partnership with the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA), provide art, sports, recreation and leadership opportunities to help strengthen and empower youth who live in First Nation and Métis communities in Alberta through the Alberta’s Future Leaders (AFL). The AFL was developed from the fundamental belief that “working together, we can make a difference,” and its vision is to work in partnership with communities to positively affect the lives of Aboriginal children and youth. There are currently 12 Aboriginal communities participating in the AFL program each year.

The AFL Provincial Support Committee, which directs the AFL program, includes representation from:

  • Culture and Tourism
  • Alberta Foundation for the Arts
  • Health and Wellness Alberta
  • Justice and Attorney General
  • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Aboriginal Affairs
  • Alberta Sport Connection
  • Employment and Immigration
  • ATCO Electric

The AFA has been critical in providing arts programming to First Nation and Métis communities through the AFL program. The Arts Branch hires, trains and provides financial, moral and cultural support to Arts Mentors who live within an Alberta First Nation or Métis community from May through August each year. Arts Mentors deliver art programming in the form of art workshops, projects and instruction in a variety of arts disciplines. Annual recruitment for Arts Mentor positions takes place each spring.

An integral component of the AFA arts programming is contracting Senior Artists (established Aboriginal artists) to offer workshops in the communities. Senior Artists are important role models for Aboriginal youth. They inspire confidence, leadership skills, an appreciation for the arts, and build self-esteem. It is often a highlight for Aboriginal youth to participate in arts projects alongside role models from their culture.

For more information about the Alberta Future Leaders program please contact Sarah Pocklington at 780-415-0481 or